How do we work

The law firm has a flexible structure and capacity to form the concrete membership of the team, which makes it possible to offer both corporate and individual clients the necessary level of professionalism on solving everyday cases as well as cases of greater factual or legal complexity or of uncommon character. According to the specificity of the problem, the law firm selects and organizes an appropriate team that has the necessary knowledge, experience and potential to satisfy the client’s needs and expectations in the best possible way. At the same time, what is always guaranteed are professionalism, legal etiquette, loyalty and confidentiality.

The law firm takes on lawyers and teams of lawyers for carrying out legal representation at administrative and civil law-courts in the country, special jurisdictions (for example, Commission for Protection of Competition) and arbitration courts with different non-government structures and organizations. If there is a possibility to avoid a legal dispute by having a settlement without court intervention, the law firm’s priority is to direct its efforts to ensuring the client’s success outside the court room.